The Wccftech website has released information on Intel’s upcoming Comet Lake processors. Intel equips the CPUs apparently more computing cores, but new motherboards are needed with the 400 chipset.

New chipset and socket

Intel’s Comet Lake CPUs are designed for the 400 chipset, which builds on the well-known 1151 socket. However, the number of pins increases, so the new socket listens to the name LGA 1200. However, the new chipset is unlikely to offer any innovations compared to mainboards with Z390 chip.

Upgrade increases the core number

According to the information, the number of cores in the Comet Lake processors increases. While the current Intel Core i9-9900K with eight cores is over, the Core i9-10900K should have ten cores and thus 20 threads. For the clock rates, there is currently no information.

The Intel Comet Lake processors are likely to require a new socket, so motherboards with Z390 chipset should be incompatible.

Intel should also have a Core i9-10900 in the forge, which has a TDP of 65 watts and clocks with up to 5.1 GHz in the Boost . The basic clock frequency is the current state after 3.0 GHz. With the Intel Core i9-10900T, the TDP drops even to 35 watts, which is achieved mainly by a low base clock of only 2.0 GHz and a turbo clock of 4.5 GHz.


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