Intel is probably planning another generation of processors in the 14 nanometer manufacturing process next year. Comet Lake-S is said to have ten CPU cores and fit on the base 1151. Still, users are likely to have to buy new motherboards with stronger power supplies again.

Intel’s CPU roadmap has been delayed by many years due to the dissatisfied 10-nm production, as Cannon Lake was to be manufactured in 10 nanometers in 2015. Instead, the Skylake architecture has been launched time and again in updated versions, which first appeared for desktops in 2015. According to rumors, Intel is now planning another series of processors in 14 nanometers with Comet Lake. This should also enable CPUs with ten cores for the broad mass. They should also be suitable for the base 1151 and are priced in the high-end.

New motherboards for Intel Comet-Lake
Presumably, new motherboards with a better supply of power will also be needed. Among other things, there is talk of B365 motherboards, which are likely to be made in 22 nm. However, motherboards with Z390 chipsets could also be equipped to adequately supply the new CPUs. If the rumors are true, this would likely mean Intel would again not launch Ice Lake CPUs in 10 nm in 2019. With its 7-nm production, AMD seems to have greater room for manoeuvre in terms of power consumption and chip space, which will probably produce 12 or 16 kernels with an increased clock.



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