The new Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 is scheduled for release as early As April 22, 2019. Although the Entry-level graphics card has only 4 Gigabytes of Video Storage, it is said to be faster than the Radeon RX 570, according to a Benchmark.

Performance between RX 570 and GTX 1060

Nvidia is Rumoured to be adding an Entry-level graphics card to the Current Turing generation with the Geforce GTX 1650. There will also be custom designs such as the MSI GTX 1650 Gaming X, this is known by a leaked List on the website of the Eurasian Economic Union. In addition, a Geforce GTX 1650 Ti will also be released, which will probably find itself between the Version without Ti and GTX 1660 (for The TEST Report of the GTX 1660 Ti). The new 1650 graphics cards are said to be equipped with a TU117 graphics chip, offer 4 Gigabytes of Video Storage and a 128-Bit storage interface.

A cheaper Alternative to THE GTX 1660 Ti will soon be launched

In addition, initial Hints about the Performance of the new Cards have also emerged. The benchmark database of Final Fantasy 15 lists the GTX 1650 in Full HD resolution at the Quality level “High” With 3,803 Points. However, These are Averages Of all Graphics cards that have gone through the Benchmark. According to this Benchmark, the GTX 1650 Is slightly behind GTX 1060 with 3 Gigabytes (3.902) and Radeon RX 580 (4,083), but beats a Radeon RX 570 (3,725).

GTX 1650 Ti set to compete with RX 580

So Probably the GTX 1650 Ti will be roughly at the Level of the Radeon RX 580. The Video Memory is very short with just 4 Gigabytes, the RX 580 Has twice the Amount. For more Power, the Ti variant will most likely rely on more Shaders as well as higher clocked GDDR6 storage. But not only in Terms of Performance, the new Turing graphics cards should be able to keep up with the Competing Models of AMD, but also price.

Currently, an RX 570 With 4 Gigabytes costs just under 130 Euros, while the RX 580 180 Euros are due. In Order to keep the Gap with the faster GTX 1660, which currently costs 220 euros, the new Turing graphics cards are very likely to be at the Level of the AMD models. With the new Models, the Turing generation should also be complete, so the GTX 1050 And GTX 1050 Ti will presumably not be available for much longer. The Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 is expected to Be commercially available from April 22, 2019.



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