At a launch event in New York, Microsoft unveiled new Products from the Surface series. In addition to the future studies Surface Neo and Surface Duo (more details), Microsoft has also presented the new Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Compared to the last generation, Microsoft has opted for small updates, which are mainly reflected in the interior. The new Surface Pro 7 is based on the previous model and takes over not only the design but also the display and dimensions. The new Pro 7 is only recognizable by the new USB Type-C port, which replaces the mini display port.

Inside, the Surface Pro 7 now relies on the new Intel Ice Lake processors (more details). In addition to the Core i3-1005G1, the Core i5-1035G4 and Core i7-1065G7 are also available. The CPUs are much more economical and come with a stronger graphics unit. Thunderbolt 3 is also integrated directly into the CPU, but is apparently not used – a pity. After all, the new Wi-Fi 6 standard is integrated.

In addition, there is a new “studio microphone” to improve recording quality, as well as fast charging. Otherwise, there are the typical Surface features: the flexible kickstand, memory expansion via MicroSD card and 1x USB Type-A port.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

With the new Surface Laptop 3, Microsoft has opted for a little more customizations. In addition to the 13.5 inch model, there will also be a version with a 15 inch display. In addition, an AMD processor is being used for the first time, specifically speaking of the “AMD Ryzen Microsoft Edition”.

However, the AMD CPU will only be available in the larger model, the Surface Laptop 3 13.5″ will be equipped with Intel processors of the Ice-Lake family. In addition to the Core i5-1035G7, there will also be the Core i7-1065G7. There is 8GB or 16GB of memory and 128/256/512GB or 1TB of internal storage.

According to Microsoft, the “currently fastest mobile processor for ultra-thin laptops”

As already mentioned, the 15″ version is equipped with an AMD Ryzen CPU. This also gives a powerful Vega graphics unit its place in the Surface Laptop 3 15″. According to AMD and Microsoft, this CPU is the “currently fastest mobile processor for ultra-thin laptops”, in this case the class with a maximum height of 20mm and CPUs with 15W TDP. The user can choose between the AMD Ryzen 5 3580U Microsoft Surface Edition with Vega 9 graphics or AMD Ryzen 7 3780U Microsoft Surface Edition with Vega 11 graphics.

This is complemented by 8GB or 16GB of memory and 256GB or 512GB of internal storage. The 1TB variant is probably not available with AMD CPU. However, the top of the chassis can be removed in the area of the keyboard to replace the M.2 NVMe SSD. However, the user will probably not be able to do this himself.

However: only 2,400 mAh RAM and no Wi-Fi 6

It seems that the large model with AMD CPU also gets the slower DDR4 memory with up to 2,400 MHz. The Intel counterparts, on the other hand, get LPDDR4X with up to 3,733 MHz. According to a data sheet at Microsoft, the AMD versions of the 15″ version will also only be available for consumers, while the Intel Ice Lake processors will be used in the business sector.

There are also differences in Wi-Fi: while the AMD Ryzen only brings Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), the Intel CPUs offer the new W-Fi 6 standard (802.11ax). There are 1x USB Type-A, 1x USB Type-C as well as 1x 3.5mm jack and 1x Surface charging port. New features include the trackpad grown by 20%, also Fast Charging (Microsoft promises up to 80% within 60 minutes) and a new variant with a complete aluminum chassis.

Prices and availability

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 starts at 899 euros (RRP) in silver and black. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 will start at € 1,149 (RRP) and will be available in sandstone and platinum (both metal, 13.5 “and 15”) and black, cobalt blue and platinum (fabric only 13.5 “) , Both devices should already be pre-orderable and then delivered by October 22nd.



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