Over the past few years, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has hosted an event for invitees every year, where billionaires, astronauts and robotics experts can talk to each other about the future of technology and taste it.

Now, the event is turning into a public meeting-a conference that “embraces an optimistic vision of scientific discovery,” which will launch presentations, seminars and discussions on machine learning and space exploration. “We are at the beginning of the golden age of artificial intelligence,” Bezos said in a news statement. “Recent advances have led to inventions that used to exist only in the field of science fiction-and we have only touched on the surface of all possibilities.”

This new meeting will be held in Las Vegas from June 4 to 7th this year.The early events of a private nature were called MARS (representing machine learning machine learning, automation automation, robotics robotics and space space), and this new conference-as an extension of previous meetings-was named “Re:mars”.

But because the original Mars meeting was private and utopian, the gist of Re:mars was also hard to guess. Of course, Amazon may use the event to boost its reputation.

The campaign’s press release first listed many of Amazon’s future projects, from unmanned stores to drone deliveries (although it did not mention the drone ban in recent years), and the only specific seminars and demos currently listed are for Amazon products such as AWS and Alexa. Such a conference would also appear to have a clear, practical operational focus. Mr Bezos said the event would bring together “leaders and builders” to “share learning outcomes and create new ideas for future innovation,” while a news conference said attendees would be able to understand how artificial intelligence “improves business efficiency, simplifies operations and increases automation.”

For those worried about the impact of new technology on jobs, these buzzwords may sound less enjoyable. It is also unclear whether other tech companies with the same goals in the field of artificial intelligence will emerge-companies such as Google, Facebook and Tencent.Most of the event’s speakers also appear to be from academia, such as Ken Goldberg, a robotics expert at the University of California, Berkeley, and Kate Darling, a human-computer interaction expert at MIT.

Amazon is likely to unveil more discussions and demos in the coming months.



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