Google is buying Fossil’s smartwatch technology for $40 million. Part of the research and development team will switch to Google as part of that.

Fossil’s smartwatch technology set to improve current platform
The sale of its own smartwatch technology is expected to bring in Fossil $40 million and be completed later this month. The portfolio will also include technology that is currently under development. What technology it is does not disclose to Fossil. The manufacturer, like many smartwatch vendors, uses Google’s Wear operating system and the Snapdragon platform for its watches. Fossil Group executive vice president Greg McKelvey speaks in a press release of advanced technology that has the potential to improve the current smartwatch platform.

Some research and development team members will switch to Google and presumably continue to work on smartwatches there. More than 200 of the team’s employees are expected to remain with the Fossil Group. In recent years, smart watches have been the Fossil Group’s fastest growing product category. The company has launched 14 watches spread across different brands in recent years. In addition to watches with a touch display, there are also numerous hybrid models. These offer a classic dial and are complemented by features such as a pedometer and notifications of incoming messages.

Is Google planning a Pixel smartwatch?

Google sees the purchase as a demonstration of its involvement in the wearable industry by creating an extensive portfolio of smartwatches and supporting the needs of “on-the-go consumers.” What exact benefits Google hopes for from buying is not entirely clear. So far, Google does not make wearables. It is possible that the company is working on a Pixel smartwatch, but confirmed information is pending. You can read our Pixel 3 XL test here.



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