Today is Europe-wide Safer Internet Day, in which Internet Users are to be made more aware of the Security Risks on the Internet. Google Gives Internet Users security tips along the Way to make web Browsing safer.

Use Different Passwords
Safer Internet Day tips come from Janina Voigt, security expert and Software Engineering manager at Google in Munich. Some of the Tips are based on a Study conducted by YouGov that found that one in three German Internet users use the same Password for multiple online accounts. Therefore, Voigt recommends using your own Password for each online account. Inlogical Random Combinations of Numbers, capital and Lowercase letters as well as Special Characters and a Minimum length of eight Characters are certain. In Addition, the security expert recommends using a Password Manager.

Use Two-factor authentication
Online accounts can be additionally secured by Two-factor authentication. However, according To the YouGov study, only 17 Percent of German Internet Users make this up. After Entering Username and Password, Two-factor authentication is subject to a Further Security check, for example in the Form of a CODE sent via SMS or E-Mail. Alternatively, many Accounts can be linked to an authenticator app. This generates the code needed to successfully log into the online account.

Beware of phishing emails
Another Tip for Safer Internet Day is not to click on suspicious Links in emails or other Messages. Fraudsters use manipulated Links to access the User’s login details, for example. Before entering the Data, Users should check whether the Website starts with https. Behind this Designation is an Encryption Technology that ensures a secure Connection from the Browser to the visited Website. Users should not respond to and delete emails, Chat Messages or Pop-up windows with suspicious Content.

Locating Smartphone remotely
If the Smartphone is lost or stolen, it can still be located with a bit of Luck. For This purpose, remote access must be activated For Android and iOS smartphones. This allows the Device to be searched and locked in an Emergency so that no unauthorized User can gain Access to the Data. More Security Tips are available To Google on a specially designed Page.



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