Rumors about two new Versions of the Nintendo Switch are condensing. A more powerful and a cheaper Console from the Japanese Developer is supposed to be in The works.

Two new Switch models for Beginners and hardcore fans

After the unsuccessful Wii U, Nintendo has achieved a true Stroke of luck with the current Console Switch. Analysts expect the Japanese Developer’s innovative handheld console mix to reach 17.3 Million copies sold this Year, even surpassing the Playstation 4. No Wonder have been faithful to Nintendo exclusive Game series such as Mario Kart, Smash Brothers and the Zelda series over the Years

Now Nintendo is apparently planning two New Offshoots of the popular Console: A cheaper Console with slimmed-down Features may also pick up hesitant interested Parties, which currently costs around 300 Euros. This light version is intended, among other things, to Dispense With the Vibration function of the Controllers. The other new Switch console, on the other hand, is meant to appeal to hardcore fans who want to get more out of their Favourite Titles. This High-end variant Is intended to offer significantly increased performance, but does not reach the Level of Playstation Pro and XBox One X.

In the Past, matching Rumors from various Sources seem to be multiplying into new Switch consoles. How Much Truth is in these Speculations is likely to become Apparent in Mid-June 2019, as At this Time Nintendo is expected to unveil the two Offshoots at Game Fair E3.



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