Samsung Electronics has announced that the company will replace plastic packaging material with paper or other more sustainable materials.

Samsung relies on more paper as well as recycled plastic

No matter if smartphones, headsets or tablets, almost all products contain plastic packaging. Samsung now wants to counteract this trend by replacing the packaging of products like smartphones or home appliances with more sustainable materials such as recycled or bio-based plastics and paper.

Packaging and Instructions for SSDs Will Also be made from certified Paper in the future

The Plastic Bags that protect the Surface of the Products are also to be replaced with Bags made from recycled Materials and non-fossil Fuels such as Starch or Sugar Cane. In Addition, smartphone chargers will not receive a shiny finish, but a matte One.

Paper made from certified Materials
In Packaging and Guidance, Samsung plans to use Only paper Fiber from materials Certified By global Environmental Organizations by 2020. Under the Company’s periodic Economic Policy, Samsung Electronics Has introduced an interim implementation Plan so that only certified Paper for Packaging Materials will be Used by next Year.

It will also use recycled plastic To the Tune of 500,000 Tonnes by 2030 and collect 7.5 Million Tonnes of retired Electronic Products. To achieve the Goals, Samsung has created a new Remit For innovative Packaging Ideas that includes Design, Development, Purchasing, Marketing and Quality Control.


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