Market Researchers are noting for the first Time a worldwide decline in smartphone sales for a full Year. Chinese Manufacturers are therefore still experiencing positive Growth due to innovative and low-cost High-end products.

Counterpoint Market researchers have identified the Global Market Landscape for Smartphones in Q4 2018 and are drawing a sobering Conclusion: For the first Time, the global smartphone market is experiencing a Decline over a whole Year. Global smartphone deliveries were down 4 Percent in 2018, with a 7 Percent drop in the fourth Quarter of last Year, marking the fifth Straight quarter of declining Sales.

According to Counterpoint, The Development Strategy of many Manufacturers to boost the Sale of their Top Models with new Features such as artificial intelligence, multiple Cameras, special Fingerprint Sensors under the Display or the well-known Notch is to blame. While these Features were on Everyone’s lips in 2018 and were cited as the main source, they probably weren’t innovative enough for Customers. As a result, many Customers are more likely to stick with their “old” devices, often including High-end models from recent Generations, as the new Features don’t bring truly groundbreaking Innovation, but Prices continue to rise. For example, Samsung and Apple’s flagship sales have waned as the Competition offers cheap premium devices with more interesting Features. Often these are Chinese Brands like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi or OnePlus. In Particular, the first three Brands continue to experience positive Growth after the end of the Year, Which market Researchers say is their Leading Position in terms of innovative new Features and attractive Prices.

Last Year, the smartphone market seemed almost obsessed with the Question “Who creates the smallest Notch,” this Race seemingly didn’t really pay off. From the Far East, on the other hand, We can reach devices with unusual to highly interesting Functions such as the extendable selfie camera of the Vivo NEX S or the Full-screen display thanks to slider design by the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.


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