Huawei unveiled its first foldable Smartphone during its press CONFERENCE at MWC 2019 in Barcelona: The Huawei Mate X! This puts it directly up against Samsung’s recently unveiled Model, even if the design concept is markedly different.

Up to 8 Inch Display in folded Out condition!

Huawei is Also rising to the Trend of foldable Smartphones and has unveiled the new MATE X at THE MWC. What Makes foldable Smartphones special is that the User can arrange the Screen in three Sizes. For example, the Mainscreen has a Screen Diagonal of 6.6 Inches, while the second Screen measures 6.25 Inches. When folded Out, the 8-inch Screen already gets the Size of some Tablets, so Multitasking is no longer supposed to be a Problem. Unlike other foldable Smartphones such as the Royole FlexPai, however, the Huawei Mate X Is not supposed to be too thick when folded. At 11 mm Thick, it is still quite handy compared to the 15.2 Millimetre thickness FlexPai.

To achieve this, Huawei apparently took three Years and then designed a Mechanism consisting of over 100 Components. When folded, the Huawei Mate X Should be just 5.4 Millimetres thick. Inside is the new Kirin 980 Processor and the Balong 5000 Modem. The CPU was manufactured in the 7nm process and has 6.9 Billion Transistors. Thanks to the Balong 5000 5G Modem, the foldable Smartphone can fall back on the new and very fast mobile Phone Standard of the fifth Generation (For The 5G Knowledge article).

With 55 Watts SuperCharge in 30 Minutes to 85%!

According to Huawei, it is currently the fastest 5G Smartphone in the World, the Balong 5000 Modem is designed to enable twice as fast speeds as the Qualcomm X50 modem. In addition, the Mate X has a 4500 mAh Battery to be charged to 85 per Cent at 55 watts of supercharge in 30 Minutes.

In addition to the CPU, 8 Gigabytes OF RAM and 512 Gigabytes of internal Storage are also added. On the Bottom are a USB-C port, the Dual-sim slot and a Speaker. On the Back is a triple camera that has been created again with Leica. Exactly What the Setup looks like, however, is not known.

The practical thing about the two Displays is that the Person photographed can see himself on the second Screen. So a Camera is enough, which can then be used as a main and selfie cam. For Now, the Smartphone will only appear in the Color Interstellar Blue, but new Colors are to be added as it progresses. A special Full protection Case has also already been announced, which is intended to protect all Sides of the foldable Smartphone from Damage.



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