Qualcomm yesterday unveiled the Snapdragon 855 Plus, a faster offshoot of the previous top model, Snapdragon 855. The SoC is intended to improve performance in high-end smartphones and to be installed in the ROG Phone II, among others.

Yesterday, Asus spoke for the first time from the official side of the ROG Phone II, giving details of the installed hardware. The second version of the powerful gaming smartphone will be one of the first devices powered by the brand new Snapdragon 855 Plus platform. Almost simultaneously, chipmaker Qualcomm also released initial information about the new SoC.

855 Upgrade for Gaming Smartphones

The new Plus version is a revamped version of the Snapdragon 855, currently the fastest Qualcomm chip for mobile devices. The 7-nm Snapdragon 855 was unveiled in December last year and is the first commercial mobile platform to offer multi-gigabit 5G support. The eight processor cores of the Kryo 485 CPU remain unchanged, but the prime core clock rate has been increased from 2.84 GHz to 2.96 GHz. The Adreno 640 graphics processor is also expected to receive a performance boost and work 15 percent faster, according to Qualcomm.

The successor to the ROG Phone could be the first high-end device to receive the Snapdragon 855 Plus

The bottom line is that the Snapdragon 855 Plus is designed to deliver faster loading times and increased performance in more complex applications such as games. Virtual and augmented reality applications in particular should benefit from the performance increase. The first application could be the Plus version in Asus’ ROG Phone II, whose predecessor (here in the test) was specifically designed for mobile games with some innovative features. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could also become a candidate for the new Qualcomm SoC, at least in the US market, but in this country the Korean manufacturer usually uses its own Exynos chips.


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