Chinese Manufacturer Xiaomi has patented a smartphone display with four curved edges. Viewed From the front, this Is the only Way to display display, not a Case.

Four edge edges instead of two

A newly filed Patent from Xiaomi shows concept drawings of a Smartphone where all four Sides of the Display are rounded Off. Previously, many smartphone designs used so-called “edge” displays with edges rounded to the left and right sides, on which additional Content could be displayed, for example, with special Cases. In The Xiaomi designed concept, the Case of the Smartphone should no longer be visible from scratch.

Previous edge designs were limited to two borders

The attached Concept Drawings do not reveal much more Information than that corresponding Devices could consist of display and Housing in roughly equal Parts. A Front camera, let alone a “Notch” indentation, is just as unrecognizable as a Clinch connection. Only Main Camera With Flash and USB Type-C Connector are drawn. However, this leaves little Point of Conducivius to a planned abandonment of these Elements, since the attached description of the Elements to be pantended deals exclusively with the display design.

The Concept Drawings, recreated here by LetsGoDigital, are primarily intended to show the display design, missing Connectors, Buttons or Cameras are not meaningful (Source: LetsGoDigital)

Over the past year, it was always Chinese Manufacturers like Xiaomi who attracted attention with unconventional Concepts. Just recently, a Study made the Rounds, after which global smartphone sales first saw a decline for a full Year. According to the Market Analysts, the lack of Innovation in the High-End Segment and thus the Lack Of reasons for Buying for customers who already own a Top Model from last Year are the reason for the market analysts. The Exception is Chinese Manufacturers such as Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, which have positive Growth despite the negative Development.


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