Xiaomi presents the Mi Mix Alpha, a smartphone in which the screen extends across the sides to the back. The smartphone is also the first with a 108-megapixel camera.

Surround display extends to the back

The screen of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha extends over the side edges over the back, so that the manufacturer claims to achieve a screen-to-case ratio of 180.6 percent. On the back, only a small strip stretches over the entire length of the smartphone.

This strip includes, among other things, the camera and the LED flash. To the size of the front screen and the resolution Xiaomi has not yet stated. Among other things, the presentation showed how the right edge of the screen is used to display status information such as the battery level.

According to Xiaomi, the manufacturing process had to be changed for the Mi Mix Alpha. Thus, the internal layout is first completed, then the different layers of the screen are applied one after the other. The process is designed to reduce the voltage by bending the screen – Xiaomi speaks of a high-bending surround screen. Since there are no more physical buttons, Xiaomi has integrated a vibration motor to mimic the feedback of real buttons such as the volume rocker.

108-megapixel camera with high light output

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is equipped with the 108-megapixel camera developed in cooperation with Samsung. The sensor is 1/1.33 inches in size, so the camera module is 389 percent larger than Xiaomi smartphones with 48-megapixel cameras, such as the Mi 9T. In poor light conditions, several pixels are merged into one, capturing more light. At the same time, the photo resolution is reduced to 108 to 27 megapixels.

Snapdragon 855 and 12 gigabytes of RAM

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has a titanium alloy case that is lighter and firmer than stainless steel. The lenses are protected by sapphire crystal, while the frame on the back is made of ceramic.

As usual from Xiaomi smartphones, the Mi Mix Alpha also uses a Snapdragon 855. In the top configuration, 12 gigabytes of memory and 512 gigabytes of UFS 3.0 memory are available to the user. The 4,050 mAh battery can be charged in a short time via the supplied 40 watt power supply.


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