Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) last year, showing a solar cell smartphone. Smartphones could thus be charged in the future by placing them in the sun.

Patent drawing shows smartphone with solar cells

The patent was discovered by the website LetsGoDigital, which has already made a rendering image based on the patent drawing. The picture shows a smartphone with a dual camera on the back. Below the camera, the back of the glass is interrupted by solar cells that are almost extending to the bottom edge.

Is Xiaomi planning a solar cell smartphone? A patent can be concluded and shows a corresponding drawing. (Picture: LetsGoDigital)

The solar cells could charge the smartphone with the energy of the sun alone. However, it is not known what efficiency and what power the solar cells would offer. Whether a full charge can be achieved in a short time, can be doubted because of the small area. However, the solar cells should ensure that extends the battery life with an intermediate charging.

Screen without notch

The patent also shows the front of a full-screen smartphone with no notch or hole punch. The patent does not show a pop-up camera, so it can be assumed that all important elements, including the selfie camera, are integrated directly into the screen.

An appropriate solution has Xiaomi ready teaser in a short video. The video shows a smartphone taking selfies, but without a visible front camera. It remains to be seen whether the solar cell smartphone ever sees the light of day or migrates as a concept again in the school blade of the developers.


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