IOS 12.1.2 is expected to address potential concerns raised by the court, according to Apple. According to Qualcomm, however, the court does not limit the sales ban to iOS 11. Apple, meanwhile, continues to sell older iPhone models.

Qualcomm continues to insist on implementing the sales ban, which a Chinese court has imposed on four of Apple’s Chinese subsidiaries. To the Reuters agency, the US chipmaker said a software update released by Apple on Monday had no bearing on the enforceability of the injunction requiring the import and sale of iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X in China banned.

Apple had already said after the court ruling became public it would not take its products off sale. The Cupertino company believes that the injunction only applies to devices running iOS 11 – the iPhones currently available in China are only marketed with iOS 12.

IOS 12.1.2 ‘ release notes do not include details of potential changes Apple may have introduced due to the legal battle with Qualcomm. However, an Apple spokesman, speaking to Reuters, confirmed it should “address any potential concerns about our compliance with the injunction.”

However, the company did not disclose why Apple believes that iOS 12 – with or without the update to iOS 12.1.2 – is not affected by the sales ban. The legal battle in China deals with two patents from Qualcomm describing techniques for switching between apps and the size adjustment of images.

Reuters, in connection with this, points to a copy of the order provided by Qualcomm. There should be no question of operating systems in this. “Apple’s comments after the injunction was issued were deliberate attempts to obscure and mislead,” Qualcomm explained. The court has so far not withdrawn the injunction, which is why Apple continues to violate the court’s conditions.

Clarification of the facts could now bring about a new complaint from Qualcomm. It wants to extend the sales ban to the current iPhone models XR, XS and XS Max.

Actually, Qualcomm and Apple are arguing over royalty payments for intellectual property. The chipmaker is to withhold a $1 billion repayment to Apple, ostensibly because Apple allegedly supported authorities in antitrust investigations against Qualcomm. Meanwhile, both companies are also waking their dispute outside the US, including in courts in Germany.



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