According to multiple Reports, the iPhones are unlikely to be fitted with a 5G modem until 2020. The Chipmaker Of iPhones Intel has apparently confirmed this internally that no 5G modems will be Used yet in 2019.

Apple is likely to lag behind Android competition again with the new iPhone generation. While several Smartphones are already compatible with the new 5G mobile Standard in the next Few months (For a Knowledge Article), it looks bad for the iPhones. Most Android smartphones that support the new Mobile Standard will have integrated Qualcomm’s 5G modems.

Intel won’t deliver 5G modems until 2020

Apple, on the other hand, is relying on Intel technology, but Intel, it seems, is not yet going to produce appropriate Chips this Year. The Reuters news Agency reports that Intel has already announced internally that no Smartphones will be fitted with in-house 5G chips before 2020, which is likely to hit Apple very hard. So The Android smartphones will be a Year ahead of Apple Products, but this is hardly relevant to Germany. The first Networks will also not be launched in this country until next Year, until Germany supports the Mobile phone standard across the Board, and will certainly continue to take many Years. Once upon a time, Apple was also a Customer at Qualcomm, but since the protracted legal Battle deliveries have been suspended.

Apple is working on its own Chips

By All Appearances, however, Apple wants to take matters into Its own hands and is already working on its own 5G chips. However, These are unlikely to go into Production until 2021 at the earliest. It could also be that Apple is looking for new Modems at other Manufacturers. According to one Analyst, even a Partner has already been found who will have the Modems ready for future iPhones instead of Intel.



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