Do you use antivirus software on your PC? Then you are not a minority. For example, Windows computers used to have to install an antivirus program at the end of the day. We’ll look at whether this is still necessary in 2019 and whether antivirus software can even be harmful.

Windows Defender in Windows 10 provides the best protection, third-party vendors are lagging behind

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft has implemented the new Windows Defender, which is seamlessly integrated into the operating system. The Defender protects you against viruses and Trojans, as well as malicious software and Windows manipulations.

Top results in the test

The Windows Defender was tested in the AV test with its paid and free competitors. The Defender achieved a best score of 17.5/18 points in the protection area. The half point deduction was deducted due to the slightly longer time spent checking downloads. AV-Test Excerpt of the test products in the Antivirus Test

This means that the Defender is the same as the paid version of Avira Antivirus. Just ahead of the Defender is Kaspersky Internet Security, Bitdefender Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security and Norton Security with 18 points.

Increased security through system integration

Even if the payment counterparties in the area of security are the same in the AV test, uncertainty remains in its nature. Third-party software requires many and extensive permissions to work.

There is a risk that vulnerabilities in the antivirus program will open the door to malware and attacks from the Internet.

Windows Defender is free and secure

Stiftung Warentest also confirms the very good protection of the Defender. Shouldn’t Windows users uninstall their antivirus software? It is precisely through the recent improvement that this question can be answered with a ‘yes’. The new tamper protection in the Defender was rolled out with the Windows May update.

The Defender detects when malware wants to change important security features, such as real-time protection or cloud-based protection.
After you update Windows, this feature should already be enabled. However, the settings should be
Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection to be checked.

Conclusion: Updates Windows

With the latest updates from Windows, you’ll contribute to a secure computer. The latest Windows Defender is enough to detect threats. Not only is a database matched to all known threats for detection, the Defender uploads each download program to the cloud and checks for threats shielded.

Our opinion: With seamless Windows integration, you don’t have to worry about updates and virus messages.



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